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Originally Posted by bostonfisher View Post
Use live bait it works the best. You can get harbor pollack off any of the outer ledges on sabiki rigs. Macks more around in deeper water near the outer islands.
Ok so I am still a frustrated fisherman...I did make some progress. I caught about 15 mackeral using a sabiki rig and popped them in the live well. They were all pretty big about 12 inches long. I live lined them on 3 different poles all at different depths with no luck. There was about 4 boats around me off and on and all 4 boats brought in good size about frustrating.... A few questions. How do you hook your live fish? Do you cut them so they bleed? Do you use a weight to carry them down? How deep do you fish if you are in 90 ft of water? Thanks again for all of the help guys I can surely use it!!!!!
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