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Default Similar story here...

I've got an 18 foot center console wooden skiff out of the Back River.
Originally launched in 2006, my 10 pot lobster permit keeps me busy.

This time of year, I usually use a sabiki to catch harbor pollack for my traps, but haven't found them yet.

Previously, most of my fishing for stripers and blues was limited to chunking the canal at all hours, it took me many years to catch that 1st 36"+.
I took my father to the canal about 15 years ago. His 1st cast (which I made) got him a 35-1/2" striper, which he wouldn't let me step on to make legal.

I learn a little something new with each boat trip.
Good things will come, once you put in the time.

Some days the fish are tough to find or to entice.

Last Saturday and yesterday we launched at 6 AM and headed straight out for the Graves. Saturday's drift was NE to SW, Monday's was SE to NW.

We criss crossed the same areas each day with very different results.
Saturday, I could've filled a cooler with mackerel caught on a sabiki with #8 hooks, but stopped at about two dozen when my buddy started to haul in short cod, and had to show him how to get the big ones.

We had about 18 sea worms and a few clams. I used flounder rigs while he used a circle hook. The tally was 24 short cod, 3 keepahs up to 27", a few sea robins, a ling cod.

Monday we brought the arsenal, 4 dozen freshly dug sea worms. Only a few short cod and 9 mackerel, more caught by letting it drift than actual jigging.

The wind picked up so we chunked and wormed at normally productive areas around the harbor and islands, ducking the wind. The mac chunks proved that the dogfish have arrived, not to mention large skate on sea worms,no blues. The macs will scatter when they also show up, which could be any day or a few weeks if we're lucky.

I live lined mackerel both days on the drift with one missed hit.

Last season my only keepah striper came on a fresh poagie drifted along the bottom. Once the seiners vacuumed up all of the poagies off Wollaston last year, there was no reason for the stripers to stay.

Now that the boat traffic is picking up, the best bet is to launch as early as possible and hope to find some stripers nosing on the flats or laying in ambush behind boulders.

PM me if you can, I can give you a few more specifics.

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