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Originally Posted by rjcappy View Post
Got my needles and caliper last night. Correct measurement for pinion bushing 8mmx11mmx10mm,the only bearing i could find was 8mmx12mm. Had to mill 1mm out of the housing to make it fit but it worked! The one way i also ordered is not a one way but that was for the handle so it can wait. If you guys want to use reg bearing, just mill 3 or 4mm in the housing so it lays inside, i'll prob do that on the other reel, too late for this one! Ordered some bushings and main gear. When i get those i will measure bushings for the handle and post. Seems to be 33.5mm long. I'm thinking 22mm long one way needle in the middle with two flanged bearings on both ends! That would make it a 5 bearing reel! lol My girls away with the camera, i'll post some picks on wednsday!
Why is it to late? You can always mill out more, it's a bit more work to put it back though. There are a few ways to make it smaller though. If you want we can mill out more even if it's oblonged from the dremel. Is it safe to take out that much though as ther can be some pretty heavy stress there.
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