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Default Re: Beginner on the Cape

okay, my bad, i didn't mean to be so blunt and mean as i know it sounds that way. jims fault anyway. "bucktail the inlet". this time of year at the cape is iffy so you need to get a variety of things goin to get fish. sometimes cutting down the porkrind or thinning it out. sometimes a jig of a different profile. all i know is up current is up current. casting up or down to the water coming towards your direction and moving the jig back towards you or paralell to the beach in the direction coming back from whenst you cast it. inlets are tricky. if the tide is coming in then ideally you'd think the water on the bottom is moving in but it's usually not. it's moving out in some cases. you could very well cast the wrong way. i'm not good at sermons but will appologize for that as well. sorry if i was coming off that way. not my intention. everyone knows i'm really not mean. "just born that way". ask if there is anyone who will put the time in for the newcomer and it will be the same answer. there are a slew of reasons for not getting a fish. one being stealth. ie: sound/movement/light etc. sometimes the fish are right at your feet when you get there and you can spook them off before you even get started fishing. ed is right, going out with someone is the best medicine. but trying and trying and reading and doing can work. there is only a blank canvas to work with here so i can't see you/water/gear/wind/current/temp/tide/structure/etc. just my mean ass self hurting your feelings. i appologize dude...

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