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Default Re: Anyone use ETEX Spray?

Originally Posted by jerseystriper View Post
It was a pain in the arse to find in the store near me. Actually I was looking for the Pour On at two different stores and they told me they did not have it. They were wrong as they did. It was not near any of the paints or other finishes, it was by itself. In the two stores near me it was in the isle with unfinished tems like jewelery boxes, bird houses and stuff like that. If you need I can send it to you. They also do sell it online.

Roc- do you know off hand what paints it is not compatible with?

I have used it as a top coat for test plugs painted with Krylon, and it lifted the paint... more cure time on the paint ( more than a few hours) may have stopped this probelm, because it was a test plug, I wasnt concerned... I used it over Delta, Anita's and Createx acrylic water based paints with out issue, but you MUST. let the paint cure for 48 hours before spraying the scratch coat or adhesion problems will result... once you spray the scratch coat, dont touch the plug until the scratch coat has dried completly or it WILL smudge the paint ( even though it is water base) once dry I've never had an adhesion problem, in fact it seems to harden the paint , kind of like a heat cure... something that I have gone to last season in an effort to make a better adhesion... the thing to remember in all this... each process is only as good as the one before it... and it all starts with the sealer.. if it is not fully cured the plug will peel...
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