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Default Trolling tips

Last season I ended it at norrie point drifting worms. I noticed alot of people trolling. And trolling with the line hitting stuff, like bass maybe........

I picked up some jet divers 20,30,40 and 50ft. I also got some shallow 6ft and deep 20ft lures. Some sebiles and mostly challengers. 4.5" ones, not chubby like herring, but slender. Typical of salmon in the lakes. Purple / white, green/orange/yellow tiger stripe, silver/white, and orange......

Got a decent sonar for the boat a helix 7 with SI.

Is the plan to search where they are in the channel and just run that deep. And advice on speed, or what tide to target. OR is it a time of day. I am guessing outgoing tide is better, because they heading back to the ocean.

Is there an advised speed. Do you focus going against the tide. I have seen some boats troll back up the river, then drift worms or eels back down their targeted area.

Ill be mostly in catskill, so I will be targeting the albany area fish leaving.

Although not a bass. I was excited to catch a 16" or so smallmouth leaving the creek mouth the other day. I am still bottom fishing, but I troll until I get to when I anchor.

I have no down riggers and really do not plan on using them.

I have a small tin boat with adjustable rod holders. I can put either the 20hp or a good 6hp on it, if the 20 idles too fast. I can easily do 2mph on idle with the 20hp 4 stroke. I also have (2) side planer boards. The yellow ones. They worked good in a adk lake last summer.
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