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Default Threading the hook.

Armed with a two boxes of tools, a compression gauge, new fuel and water/fuel filter I tried to fix the USS Coalman on the slip. First I drained every fuel hose, the fuel filter and fuel pump. Then each carburetor bowl. New spark plugs were installed.

She started up, sounded good. Compression check on a warm engine showed no failure. A short test run up the river was encouraging. Back to the dock to get supplies to pull traps and then up the river I went. And my problem returned. #3 cylinder is fouling the plug.

When I get her on plane she runs fine. At slow speed only two cylinders. I was able to retrieve 6 traps. But I'm not going back till the problem is solved.

It is good to have friends. My partner boat on the dock, Ray, has retrieved all my traps with his boat. Half of my gear is in the barn, half on shore at the dock. It makes my conscience rest better knowing my gear is safe.

Roccus has been my user manual. Thanks Joe for the advise. My eyesight is getting bad, but I will thread this hook.

Fuel was not my problem. I saw no water in the gas.
Cylinder pressure is not my problem. All three tested 110 lbs.
I had 1976 Rupp Nitro 440. Same three cylinders, three carbs. Same problem. A new fuel pump fixed it.

Riverfront Marine had the parts to rebuild my fuel pump on the Yamaha. Parts will be here this week. I'll be back to the dock this weekend.

Stay tuned. :)
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