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Default Re: How to cut bonito! need help for tonight!

Never did one colad but heres one recipe for todays game from saltwater flies

Grilled Bonito:
One 4-8 pound bonito (or bigger if you can catch one!). One clean grill, good and hot.
Fillet and skin the bonito. Bonito have a row of large bones running down the center of the fillet - I cut around these, essentially quartering the fish. You'll end up with what look like tenderloins - similar to what bluefin cuts look like in the fish market, although on a miniature scale. Once you've got your tenderloins, you're ready to grill.
Brush the hot grill surface with olive oil, and rub the fish with the oil as well. Season the fish well with a bit of sea salt. Place the fish on the grill, searing the meat. Turn and mark each side of your tenderloins on the hot grill. By the time each side has been well marked, the bonito should be done. I like to cook bonito medium rare, like any good tuna steak. There are plenty of folks who like to enjoy a little appetizer of sashimi (raw bonito) served with wasabi and soy sauce, but if you wish to do this be sure to check the fish for any visible parasites in the flesh (I have never found any in the bonito that I've caught), and be sure that the fish is absolutely fresh and has been kept on ice if you plan to enjoy it raw.
Serve your fish with a bit of minted cous cous, or perhaps some steamed tender young potatoes along with a vegetable medley of baby zucchini and yellow squash. A chilled glass of white wine, a cold beer, some good friends, and you're on your way to celebrating one of life's true pleasures; the satisfaction of harvesting one of New England's most elusive fly rod gamefish: The Atlantic Bonito.

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