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Yea, i saw the weather reports too. I kinda like a little rain now and then, just makes it more interesting. get to break out the rain gear. hell, thats why i bought it. hahaha. The time of the tides this weekend are perfect for me. its going to be the exact type of tide that i caught that 45lber last week......4pm-4:30pm low tide, which means, you not only fish the great lagtide, but you also are fishing the dusk into night. damn....i'm getting all excited. hahaha. I dont think i can really miss "did i just jinx myself?". <shrug> anyway, i'm going fishing from 5pm until 10pm rain or shine. theres going to be a ring of clear sky over my fishing hole anyway so i'm not worried about it, hahaha.

I'f you end up going this weekend......Good Luck !!!!

Saturday tides: hightide 10:31am,10:33pm....lowtide 4:06am,3:49pm.

Sunday tides: hightide 11:15am,11:14pm.....lowtide 4:44am,4:30pm.

Those are Sakonnett tides.

:twisted: craig aka briggs :twisted:

show me 6' waves and i'll show you a 15' rod that will make it seem like your fishing in a pond.
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