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Default Sakonnet Point

Hey LittleRhody,

If i were you, I'd definetly be planning a trip down to Sak. Pt. I just heard that the stripers are all over the top of the water off the jetty and points north. I fish about 2 miles away from there off a private beach....just before south shore. I just pulled a 45lber out of there and the place is getting hot. Word of advice though if you head over to Sakonnett, when you get there, park to the left, pointing towards the lighthouse, i'd be fishing there and not out at the jetty. the jetty is great but theres alot more "non-striper" sea life, hahaha, ie....tautogs, scup, etc........ the rock formations in the water to the left is perfect. the stripers come out of that bay there and head to the left, trust me, i fish to the left, but about 2 miles away. give me a yell when you think your coming down this way, i'll throw a few casts with ya.

:twisted: craig aka briggs :twisted:

show me 6' waves and i'll show you a 15' rod that will make it seem like your fishing a pond.
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