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Default Re: freshwater rod and reel setup for Raystown

get a reel that is capable of landing a 30 or 40# fish. you may not get a big girl from the shore but not out of the realm of possibility. you don;t need to beef up the ugly stik. braid is iffy imo (unless your are fishing from a boat) as there is alot to snag on and if you are using redfins/bombers/jigs/etc, this is a disaster waiting to happen for you. stick with a 17# ande or a fluoro line like yo-zuri hybrid. a 20# fluoro leader. i would go as low as 15# test and a 20# leader as you can still manage a big fish if you are careful. personally, i would use 10# test line with a 20# fluoro leader. as you can cast some of your jerkbaits a little easier. but whatta i know about fishing in that lake anyway.

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