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yessah, the slingshot..LOL... works about 80% of the time as long as you don't set the hook and recognize that your hung before applying too much pressure.. don't set the hook deeper by yankin' with the rod...

mattman, your not gonna want to cast that swivel thru your guides dude.. your gonna do damage... just apply a shock leader of say 40-50lb to your 20lb main line using a uni to uni knot or an albright ... a blood knot will work too .... after you tie it hit it with some glue and roll it in your fingers to smooth out the knot... it'll cast thru your guides nicely and won't damage things... or sound like hell..

more on the "slingshot" later... saves me about 100 jigs a year... no kidding.. many times you'll catch a fish in the process.. eh jonny? :D
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