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Default Carl Newell RIP

just found out Carl Newell Newell Reels passed see here

He Changed The Way We Fish: Carl Newell

News came from factory rep Richard Hightower on Monday, December 29: Carl W. Newell has died of pneumonia in a convalescent hospital. Newell was one of the most important figures in southern California offshore and long range fishing. He was 86, and would have been 87 on January 17. His funeral was held today, December 30, at 12:30 pm.

A great innovator, he never finished high school, but Carl learned to build production items to a one-thousandth of an inch of accuracy. He made reels, parts for reels and many other products, including doggie doors and the inner workings of heart machines. He was a great fisherman of unorthodox methods.
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