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Default Re: Understanding Big Bass Behavior

Captain Ryan,
Another great article thank you for the excellent read! Having a group of fellow fisherman that are in contact with each other when you’re on the hunt for the striped beauties is so key to being successful on regular biases. We both can probably count the amount of days last year when we experienced those monumental days when you could throw out a soda can tied to a line and reel a fish back in. I missed the last weeks Wednesday all out blitz in the canal only if someone could have predicted that!
When I can't locate the stripers relatively quickly I turn to bottom fishing. Try to get the krill limit when doing some strategic drift fishing which usually proves to be well worth it. My goal is to come home with fish and after I have achieved this I will then go looking again for the striped bass. Putting all my efforts into just one species has proved to me time after time that I am doing something wrong. Fish on!!!
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