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Default Trolling in Central Arkansas

Does anyone have any experience with the following trolling setup?
A 15-35ft diving crankbait, front treble removed. A 1oz Jig with a plastic tied onto 3-4ft of line, tied to the eyelet that the treble was removed from. I've heard good stories about this.

I'm trying to start trolling for stripers. I can most easily access Lake Maumelle, with Hamilton, then Ouachita following. For this time of the year, where should I troll at? Deep waters by the bottom of the lake's dam, Shallower water below the above lake's dam?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been trolling 2 miles/h with this setup. I don't have down-riggers or easy access to live bait. Haven't got striper on the line yet, but I'm patient.
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