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LOL! Ya, I love those dahn Stripered Basses lol. I dont know what it is, theyre just my favorite. I talk to 'em and stuff when I catch, hang out for a bit, ya know :)

I'm just having vision of last Saturday, after the thundershowers, when I got skunked. The night before, 20 fish, next night, zip lol. GRRRRR

Lets see, high tide is at 12:30pm today. Pretty good time. BUt I wont be able to get to my Basshole cuz of the rain. The puddle in the middle of the trail is probably too big for me to get through with my damn car. I shoulda never traded in my 4X4. I already got stuck down there once, last Fall lol. Hydro-locked my motor, and had to have it towed out LMAO. Luckily I fixed it myself, and didnt do any engine damage. No bent rods or wrecked seals. But thats a whole story lol.

I guess I'll have to go hit my second choice spot off 101. Unless anyone with a truck wants to go fishin today?

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