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Default Re: Bloodworms, Live Eels or chunked eels?

Live Eel, 3-way swivel, a couple of ounces (maybe 3 depending on current), bouncing bottom, drifting in a boat. Off shore, no weight, just the Eel itself. You need to ice down the eels, but keep them out of any melted water, or they will drown. Use some of those blue cooler ice packets, place them inside a small 6-pack cooler, place a shop towel rag over the ice, then put eels on top.
Once you ice them down, they will become lethargic, grab one by the tail, and hit it a few times over a solid object ( a rock for instance). Hook it through the bottom jaw, and out one eye, throw the eels and retrieve slooooowly. Good luck
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