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The times of getting skunked are definetly passed here in Rhode Island. I like to jump the gun a little when i fish, i say the incoming but what i'm really looking for is that lagtide 2 hours before and after high tide, that is the best time to fish around here. I just go a little early on account of its not only a private beach and theres no crowds fishing but the views are spectacular and i love to enjoy them. I just don't fish out of a parkinglot or anything, god i hate that. when i go fishing, other than my buddy, theres not another person in sight for miles, literally. I have to admit that i'm lucky enough to have this kind of access. I'll be fishing in Little Compton Rhode Island Tonight. South of South Shore beach about 2 miles away. I'd love to pinpoint the spot for ya but then i'd have to kill ya, (kidding).

Tight Lines Kevin !!!

:twisted: craig aka briggs :twisted:

Show me 6 foot waves and i'll show you a 15' rod that will make it seem like your fresh water fishing.
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