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Default Re: Best time for fish and baits to use to Striper?

alright look im a noob like you too but from the little bit i know, late night and dawn i believe are the best times however, experiment because you might get lucky during the day. As for bait if you are going at night, eels are the way to go however, if you have never used them before and you're going to be out on a dark pier, they will be tough to use because of how slimy and slippery they are. Otherwise, bunker is always a good choice. If they have it go fresh rather then frozen. Other possible choices are squid, clams, or mackerel. I would ask the local bait shop owners what they think. These guys are usually very knowledgeable of the local areas and what to fish with. ABOVE ALL!! everyone just keeps telling me experiment and stay at it no matter what.
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