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Default New website to trade fishing or hunting trips
We have just developed a new website that will allow people all around the State/country and world to trade fishing or hunting trips with other fishing/hunting trips. It could be as simple as a person who has a boat and is willing to take someone out on lake champlain in exchange for that person taking you deer hunting in Pennsylvania. It could be just the "guide" or you could include offering them a place to stay at your house. The possibiblities are endless and flexible. It's purpose is to "hook up" people to arrange these kinds of trades. They happen now but theres not one universal place to get hooked up with someone else looking to do the same thing. It is a free site and intended for the recreational hunter/fisherman or even professional guides wanting to swap trips. We are just getting the site on line so will be making some improvement to it such as being able to change your password and getting some good links uploaded as well as having some local charters being able to advertise. Please let us know also if you have any other suggestions.
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