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Default Re: Bait Casting reels.?. Any tips? Aqueduct Fisherman?

Originally Posted by makasin View Post
12-16oz. lures... My reason for wanting to fish with a bait casting type reel.
Holy CRAP, I don't fish lures that big for 40 lb fish ! I can understand the need for a bait casting setup.

I am using a shimano durango baitcasting reel.
Not familiar with it but from the picture I found it looks like a decent reel (depending on line capacity)

I had 10lbs test; P-line;
With a one pound lure !!! WAY, WAY too light. I wouldn't use anything less then a high quality 17# line with a 30# shock leader long enough to wrap at least 3 times around the spool

The rod is ten foot glass with Heavy action made by Bass Pro Shops...
Heavy action - this could be your problem. Pool que ??

I should of had a heavier Lbs Test put onto the reel, and lost a forty dallor swim bait...

From what I understand; the spool pays-out line faster than the lure is traveling.
That's called fluffing, it happens often. The trick is to be able to slow the spool when it begins happening but not kill the cast. It takes practice. Once your thumb becomes experienced a bit of fluffing will rarely become a backlash.

the lure has to go atleast fifty to hundred feet to be effective... What size line do you recommend?
See above

Shock leader?
See above

With the heavier line and leader you may have to go up a size to a different reel. I'd recommend you look into an Abu Garcia, either 5000 or 6000 round size.
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