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Default Re: Bait Casting reels.?. Any tips? Aqueduct Fisherman?

Thanks for all your advice, and sorry about the lack of information. I am new to forums; posting, chatting, and the etiquette. Bare with me; I am also a "self-taught fisherman." So, if my questions are basic-forgive me, because I am...
Lures, that I use are; Castaic Swim Baits (trout), approx. 8in; Topwater - 2-8 inch lures; Shallow diving/Deep diving 2-8inches rapalas; Mainly for the large castaic swim bait. 12-16oz. lures... My reason for wanting to fish with a bait casting type reel.
The Landlocked bass at Lake Castaic(California), have an appetite for rainbow trout. Which is stocked on a monthly basis. The swim baits are large and heavy. I am using a shimano durango baitcasting reel. The spool is aluminum. I had 10lbs test; P-line; strung by Sport Chalet, thinking that might "help" - if done - "professionally.?." The rod is ten foot glass with Heavy action made by Bass Pro Shops...
I should of had a heavier Lbs Test put onto the reel, and lost a forty dallor swim bait... On about my tenth cast; The line tangled (birds nest), and from the wieght of the lure "snapped" at the spool. From what I understand; the spool pays-out line faster than the lure is traveling. Which causes the line to entangle.?. Well, thats where the line broke, at the spool.
I want to cast those swim baits with confidence. Fishing from the shore line - the lure has to go atleast fifty to hundred feet to be effective... What size line do you recommend? Shock
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