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Red face Bait Casting reels.?. Any tips? Aqueduct Fisherman?

I have lived in Palmdale, California - for most of my 33years. In that time - I have fished pretty much all bodies of water within the Antelope Valley. My favorite is: The Aqueduct. Which has produced good sized fish; Stripe Bass, Channel Catfish, and Bullhead Cats. All were over two pounds...
Just recently, I have been fishing with my baitcasting reels: Which arent the easiest of reels to fish with... I know two things; 1) Keep your thumb on the spool as the line pays-out. 2) The wieght of the lure/bait should slowly ( under its own wieght and through gravity) pull line and fall to the ground if held horizontal. That is the ideal drag setting for casting.?. I am definitely not grasping the concept, because every cast is producing "birds-nest" entanglement at the spool... My casts also seem to diminish in distance. I have lost some good lures on my release cast, because the line seems to become so entangled that it just snaps from the lures weight on my cast... Can anyone help me with a few pointers? Also, I have read about using a shock liter... Should I be using a shock liter when fishing lures, ie; swim baits, top-water lures, etc.?. Should I be using this in the aqueduct? What bait set-ups have worked for you in the Aqueduct? Is your wieght tied to the end of the line with multiple hooks spaced 12-18 inches apart, or vice versa? Or do you fish different set-ups depending on the current? I know these are some things to consider but I want to know what seems to work best for you? Thanks for your time. Sorry there are multiple questions - in numerous areas in this thread... Im a new guy.

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