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Default Fishing Cape Henry and Cape Charles.

We fished around Cape Charles and did not have any luck about two weeks ago. We heard later that as soon as we left the bite was on. 44 inchers were caught. Sometimes you just can't win.
We fished last week and caught a 30 incher and released it. No other bites we were at Cape Henry.
Wednesday of last week my son fished around Cape Henry and hooked up to four Stripers. Only one was brought aboard. The other three spit the bait out when it got close enough to the boat and they could see it. They hit Stretches and held them in their mouth all the way to the boat. The one they had on the boat really was not hooked. The bait just fell out of the mouth of the fish. Amazing when you consider they were treble hooks on the stretches. It was a 34 inch Striper and the other as far as they could tell were the same size or larger. They were caught on a chartreuse umbrella rig and black and white stretches. Here is a picture of the one we threw back.. They just stood there stunned at how small it was LOL.
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