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Default Re: First Fish if the year

Originally Posted by Joe713 View Post
Thats what i told him. Sad part is he must have been in his 70s. I woukd have thought he would have known better. I have let many of fish go with a hook still in.

I know what youre saying, i was very hesitant to take the fish, but under the circumstances, i dont believe i did the wrong thing.

I try to be the most ethical ourdoors man i can be, always getting my license and abiding by the laws, but in this case, i thought wanton waste would have been a bigger concern than taking home a dead fish 6" short.
.... it was the ethical thing to did right by the fish that gave up it's life.. ... In my eyes it would be the correct thing to the letter of the law ...not so much... tossing back a bead or severely injured fish doesn't make a whole lot of sense...unfortunately.. the laws are written in a manner that intends on keeping unscrupulous individuals from injuring short fish on purpose just so they can have an excuse to keep them...

good luck with the rest of your season...I'm putting my boat in it's slip tomorrow season starts Wednesday..
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