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Default Re: Echotail Hybrid Blade Bait

Capt. Paul,

Thank you for your interest. It sounds like our Medium Saltwater Edition would be the correct size for you. It weighs 1 1/2 oz and can be easily manipulated in shallower depths as a crankbait and especially with spinning tackle. You will notice that white and chartreuse are currently not offered in the saltwater version but I can easily accommodate a custom order for you. The 2 1/2 oz model may also work. The trick to working the larger models over shallower depth is connecting to the back holes and pointing the end of the rod in an upward position. The back hole will naturally provide lift thus allowing it to be fished higher in the water column with lots of vibration! With a little practice, you will have it dialed in. I would recommend the Medium to start out though for your described conditions (6' or less) Thank you for your inquiry and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me direct. Good luck fishing!

PS. In 2013... We will be releasing the Regular Echotail (1 oz)
Justin Blanchar

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