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Default Connecticuts Newest Regulations


Connecticut DEP wants you to know the regulations. Most fines are given to anglers who say that they dont know the regs. It is your responsibility to know your states regulations when its time to go fishing

STRIPED BASS ? It has a 28-inch size limit and two-fish daily creel limit.

WEAKFISH ? . The size minimum is 16 inches with an almost unreachable 10-fish daily creel limit.

BlUEFISH ? No size limit. 10-fish daily creel limit. The creel limit also applies to snappers.

FLUKE ? Ssummer flounder regs were changed last week. Anglers now must obey a 17-inch size minimum with a six-fish daily creel limit. The season opened last week and will run through Dec. 31.

Blackfish ? The season is closed until June 15, then stays open until Sept. 7. The season reopens from Sept. 22-Dec. 13. The regulations call for a 14-inch size minimum and a four-fish daily creel limit.

PORGY ? Regulations on this fish were also changed last week. The season runs July 1-Oct. 31. The size limit will be 10inches with a 25-fish daily creel limit for private boats. Party and charter boat patrons have an increased limit of 60 fish in September and October.

WINTER FLOUNDER ? In spite of tough regulations, the flounder population continues to dwindle. The current rules have a 12-inch size minimum. Eight-fish daily creel limit, it is rare for anyone to find that many flounder.


TROUT ? Generally, anglers may take five trout per day regardless of sizeThere are special size and creel limits for specific waterways. Before you go fishing in any river or stream, review the state Angler's Guide.

BASS ? The rules are the same for both largemouth and smallmouth bass. As with the trout, the DEP has altered the bass regulations on about 25 lakes and ponds. You need to review the Angler's Guide for these specific regulations. If the lake is exempt from special regulations, the size minimum will be 12 inches with a six-fish daily creel limit.

Northern Pike ? This is the largest freshwater gamefish available in the state. Statewide regulations demand a 26-inch size minimum and a two-fish daily creel limit. But on certain lakes, such as Bantam Lake, the size minimum changes during the colder months.

Walleye ? The DEP introduced walleye to the state about 10 years ago. Since then, the popularity of this fish has grown. To accommodate the demand, the DEP increased the size minimum this season to 18 inches from 15 inches. The daily creel limit was also reduced to a modest two fish.
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