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Default REPORT FROM: Jamaica Bay Task Force Meeting

The turn out for last nights meeting was impressive, over 150 people passionate about the future of Jamaica bay were in attendance. Among them were gov. officials most notably Rep. Anthony Wiener. The task force put together a very convincing rebuttal to the R.P.A. report. Inaccuracies in passed airport usage projections were brought to light. Omissions of vital information from passed R.P.A. reports were also uncovered. It seems that in the 60's after the port authority commissioned a similar study, environmental scientist from all over the country were called in to make an assessment of the impact further incursion into the bay would have. Sighting the environmental study, R.P.A. concluded that enlarging J.F.K. into the bay was not an option. I am not going to try and sway anyone's opinion on this matter, your opinions are your own and mine are mine. However if you agree that the bay should be protected, please get involved write letters to your reps. tell them gateway should be given the respect a national park deserves.

Will F.
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