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Default Sponsor Question?

Hello all, Im here in Texas and I have been watching the forum for the last couple of weeks. My father lives near some prime striper fishing so thats why im here to learn your salt tactics. We have the freshwater stripers here but they dont get as big as the salt fishies do.

Well here is my question: Im a fishing guide here in TX. I have gotten pretty popular and I am asked to do seminars a lot = 2-3 a month at Bass Pro Shop and Cabela's and a bunch of fishing groups. Well the good news is, Texas Fish & Game Magazine contacted me a couple days ago and they asked me if they could do an article on me. My question is, would this be the time to ask for a couple sponsors to plug into the article? I know BIG coorp's like Berkley and stuff like that would prob not be an option. But I would like to give the local companies here and around me a chance for a big plug. I dont know the ethics on plugging companies with stuff like this, but Im just trying to get a feel for if this. Would you think this is a is a good opp to pursue or not, w/o pissin anyone off (like the local companies I dont choose). Im posting it here, very dfar away from TX so I can keep this on the down low till the article is published. Any help would be great. And help from someone with sponsors would be even better! Thanks for all the info guys and gals. Im not a lurker anymore! Hopefully Ill make it up there during the next run in the fall and have a great report!!

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