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Mmmmmm, S glass! Sweet!
The Lami chestnut S glass rods are still considered to be some of the best eeling sticks ever made.
Do you remember what model it is ??

Don't worry about balancing the rod. A 9'er isn't that big a stick that a bit of tip heaviness is going to bother you.

I'd concentrate on getting a reel based on it's performance rather then worrying about weight

If it does, take off the butt cap and epoxy some lead shot into the base to tweak it to the way you like it.

Put sinkers in there, switching to larger and larger ones until the weight is right (obviously with the reel on the rod). Mark down the weight of the last sinker, measure out that weight of shot, mix it with 5 minute epoxy, put the mix into the butt, put a strip of tape over the end to keep the it all from leaking out and stand it upright until the epoxy is cured. Remove the tape, glue the buttcap back on and yer in business.
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