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Default New Setup

I am thinking about getting a new setup(kinda) for plugging. I have an old 9' Lami brown glass rod(not sure of model) that was custom for me 15 yeas ago. At the present time it is setup spinning. It needs refinished. There is nothing wrong with the blank other than being ugly. No nicks/scratches. I was thinking about stripping this rod and turning it conventional.
The reel I was using was 21oz and the setup was balanced. The reel I'm looking at for the conversion is either 11.9oz or 13.1oz Okuma induron idx. Do I go with the heavier of the two or do I have to wait until I finish the rod and check for balance?
I have 1 baitcaster for freshwater but it is anything but conventional so I am unsure of balance.
Also the baitcaster I have has wrap around guides (they start on top and end on bottom). Has anyone tried this on surf rods?
Thank You in advance for guidance.
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