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VA. huh? yea that sounds good got some relatives (uncle) down va. maybe i need to reconect with them for a two day excursion. i took my uncle with me for his first surf trip for stripers in oct.'08. he is a torney bass fisherman (fresh water). but i got him hooked even though he didnt catch a thing from the surf that day. but 3 days later i got my first keeper and he was in awe. i even had to give him my only pic i got developed that day of my fish. so i should be able to get him out for a nice time. we will see. im hittin the road this year. never been to montuk but seen the pics heard the stories and i'll be there this year wet suit and all. tks for the info. hey i jus responded to your last yea i guess i need to relax a little. i either do it or i dont there is no inbetween. go big or go home. tight lines.
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