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Friday August 18, 2006

Boy I don't know what to say about these short reports but with business
being way off the last couple of weeks the reports are following suit! Bruce just
got back from Wayne county only fishing one day on the upper Delaware River
having a really good day on smallmouth bass. He landed 19 fish up to 15 inches
using grubs and Rebel crayfish. He said the river was very low and crystal
clear. Now he also got to fish some of the farm ponds to find them in the same
condition that they were last week. With all the junk floating around the ponds
he was able to catch a few largemouth bass, crappies, perch and catfish but
over all the fishing was way off. I hope they clear up soon. Now with him away
all week I never got to see water again this week. And my son is heading to
college next week so I will be doing a two day move so another week will be shot.
I just hope to hit the upper river the following week.

Speaking of the upper river this was some of the best fishing in the area the
past week. Most everyone that I talked to that fished from Yardley up river
to the Water Gap all had very good days of fishing. One of the river guides
called me from the water gap on Wednesday tell me that between him and his two
clients they boated 110 fish on Sunday and 95 fish on Monday. They had a 75
percent of fish under 13 inches but did have some good size fish 15 to 19 inches.
Their main baits were Zoom grubs, tiny torpedo's, Zara spooks, spinners and
tubes. They also caught a mix of catfish, rock bass and stripers. He told me
they did have one striper chase a smallie up to the boat and he said the fish had
to go over 30 pounds. They switched to larger plugs but never were able to
raise the fish again. Another customer was up to Frenchtown on Tuesday. This guy
went up with 2 dozen minnows to tell me he was out of bait in less than an
hour. He caught over 30 fish himself with the minnows then switch to grubs and
crankbaits He was fishing around the bridge. The next customer was wading the
Treasure Island area catching 16 smallies, 9 stripers and 5 big catfish. He was
using minnows and was fishing the fast water just below the campground. His
biggest smallie was 15 inches but he said all the cats were 5 to 8 pounds. J R
was up on Friday last week picking up 9 fish in a couple of hours of fishing.
He had fish 12 to 15 inches and also a bunch of catfish. He said the same
thing that the fish were in the fast water. The last customer was up to Upper
Black Eddy drifting on Tuesday. He was out all day and between two guys they
landed 50 or so smallmouth, 20 stripers and a bunch of catfish and rockbass. They
were again all using minnows and grubs. Now all up and down the river the level
has gone to summer time low with the water warm and clear. Perfect wading for
the guys that don't have boats.

The Susquehanna River has also been very good for smallmouth. With the price
of gas though we are not having the amount of guys go out as years past. But
if you are heading out the Duncannon area south to Harrisburg has been very
good for numbers and also some bigger fish. And again this river has hit summer
time lows 3 feet and the water is very warm and clear. Now the baits have been
minnows, shiners, crayfish, hellgrammites and stone cats for live baits. The
best artificials have been grubs, tubes, senko worms, spinners, shallow
crankbaits and smaller surface lures. Several of the guys are drifting from Clemson's
Island down the campground at Duncannon picking up 50 to a 100 fish for two
guys for a days fishing. The size of most of these fish has been 10 to 14
inches with a few 15 to 17 inch fish mixed in. Now down in the Harrisburg area the
fishing is still very good but the numbers are not as high as up river. The
few guys fishing down here have been picking up 15 to 20 fish per guy each day.
The size is the same though. I talked to one customer that was up to Sayer
over the weekend having a good day on Saturday picking up 45 smallmouth, 2 small
northern, 10 rock bass and one legal muskie. He was fishing with Rooster Tails
to catch all of these fish. The muskie was 34 inches 15 pounds. And to stay
on the smallmouth trend the next best thing has been fishing the
local streams. The Neshaminy, Perkiomen, Tohickon, upper Pennypack and the
Schuylkill River have all been very good. Again most everyone I talk to is
picking up enough fish to keep them coming back. Most of the guys are fishing with
minnows, leeches and grubs. Now in most of these water you will find the size
of the fish 6 to 12 inches on average. And there is also a good mix of big
bluegills, rock bass and even a trout here and there.

I did get a few lake reports this past week. One customer was up to Rohm Haas
picking up several largemouth bass up to 3 pounds on June bug 7 inch power
worms. He said the fish were very aggressive early in the morning but as the sun
got higher in the sky the fish seemed to drop back into deeper water. He did
see another fisherman pick up a fish close to 6 pounds. He said it was 22
inches with a 18 inch girth. This fish was caught on a large shiner. A couple of
older guys were up to the shopping center lake over the weekend to pick up a
bunch of bluegill and a couple of smaller bass. They were using nightcrawlers.
Several guys have been going up to Noxamixion all doing very good on largemouth
bass most are doing their best very early in the morning. They have been
fishing allot of plastic worms and surface lures in the pads or just off shore
from them. And talking to Lou that was out of the boat rental did very good on
bass, crappies, perch, bluegills and pickerel. He was fishing grubs and meal
worms drifting in a row boat. He only fishing 4 hours on Sunday but had to catch
over 40 fish himself. One customer has been down to Roosevelt lake doing
extremely good on crappies and bluegills. He has been using small minnows, meal
worms and trout magnet's. He said the bass fishing has dropped off allot in the
past 4 weeks with all the hot water. One customer was over to Stone Tavern in
jersey picking up 4 bass Monday night. Now he was fishing with 5/8 black
jitterbugs and all the bass were 3 to 4 pounds. Core Creek has still been very good
for smaller fish like perch and bluegills. But it seems the bass and trout
have pretty much stopped. I had a report back from the Cooper river in south
jersey. This customer was fishing for catfish and carp doing very well on both. He
was fishing corn and chicken livers and caught 12 catfish and 4 carp. The
last lake report was back from Union down in south jersey. These couple of guys
go down each week and say the fishing has been really great. They have been
fishing allot of minnows under a bobber and also throwing allot of white and
chartreuse grubs, spinners, rapala's and poppers catching largemouth bass,
smallmouth bass, pickerel, crappies, yellow perch and all the bluegill you want. Now
they say most of the fish are average size but they have caught 4 bass over 5
pounds, 2 pickerel over 4 pounds and 10 crappies 2 pounds or better this
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