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Courtesy of Brinkmans
I know we just had a big snow storm but the last couple of days you sure
would not believe it. Now the weekend is not looking like the best weather but I
hope it is only a short cold spell.

Trout has still been the best thing to do in this area without a boat.
Everyone I have talked to in Core Creek and Levittown Lake are all doing very well
on trout. Levittown Lake got a good stocking of brown trout and have been
hitting minnows and kastmasters the best. Now the size is not like the last
stocking but still some decent fish are being caught. Now in Core Creek they put
mostly rainbows and they have been hitting minnows, wax worms, meal worms, power
baits and spinners. And in Core Creek they are also still picking up several
crappies and perch. These fish have been hitting minnows and twister tails. And
they are still picking up a few fish in the Pennypack. One customer was over
on Wednesday and picked up two fish both browns and were caught on spinners. He
was back over today and caught another one fish on a wax worm.

The river has still been one of the hottest things if you have a boat. Dredge
Harbor has been smoking for good size crappies, yellow perch and largemouth
bass. The crappies and perch are still hitting minnows and shiners on a slip
bobber or fished right on the bottom on a hair jig or jig head. And we just got
in some bucktails that are working very well of these fish. The bass have been
hitting the minnows well but are also hitting shallow crankbaits, spinner
baits and jigs with pork rind. All fished slow on the bottom or around the rocks
and pilings. Also if you have a boat the walleye fishing in the Bryan area
have picked up a bit. The guys are fishing the wall and up where the Tohickon
Creek feeds into the river. Here again they have been using allot of minnows
fished on a hair jig or just on the bottom with a split shot. They do pick up a
few fish trolling chartreuse crankbaits in the fast water but this time of the
year the conditions have to be perfect. And along the wall they have even
picked up a few smallmouth bass late in the afternoons. These fish have been picked
up on live minnows. Now if you are a bank fisherman they are fishing for the
walleyes up the Tochickon just upstream from the river. These few guys have
caught several fish up to 4 pounds. They are also fishing the wing dam in the
New Hope area picking up several walleyes on minnows and twister tails. Down
stream at the power plant in the Trenton area the fishing has been pretty good
for catfish, perch, walleyes and even a few bass. This is a warm water discharge
and when it is up and running the water temperature will be 10 to 20 degrees
warmer than the river. But if the plant is not running this is not the place
to head. Several guys have been fishing the jettie at the Neshaminy marina
picking up several largemouth bass on nightcrawlers. These guys are fishing the
worms on the bottom just off the rock pile. If you can get into the marina
itself the perch and crappies have been hitting well around the pilings. But most
guys get chased as soon as they starting fishing in here. At Station Avenue and
Linden Avenue the catfish have still been hitting here and there.
Nightcrawlers, chicken livers, bagels, herring and shrimp have been the better baits. Now
they are not setting the world on fire but most guys are picking up a fish or
two each trip.

South jersey has still been the same if now a bit better with the warm
weather. One guys was down to the sand pits picking up several yellow perch up to 1
1/2 pounds. He caught them all on live minnows. One report from the wall at
Mays Landing with a few perch and pickerel showing up and have been hitting
minnows, shiners and nightcrawlers. In the lake right there the pickerel have been
hitting in good numbers and some good size fish. I heard reports of fish up
to 4 pounds hitting minnows, twister tails and spinners. Union Lake has been
very good for pickerel, crappies, white perch and largemouth bass. The
largemouth bass are starting to move up in the shallows I guess looking for a pre spawn
grounds. The few I heard caught were picked up on twister tails and plastic
worms. The pickerel have been hitting minnows, twister tails, spinners and
spinner baits. Fishing along the shore line is where most of these fish have been
caught. The perch and crappies have been on the outside of the islands and
along the dam. Again minnows and twister tails have been the best for these fish.
The Mullica River has been fair for pickerel. One customer was fishing out of
Crowley's landing and caught 6 pickerel up to 3 pounds on Rapala's. He was
fishing the covers and up river around the fallen trees.

Only a couple of reports from the lakes in this area. Noxamixion they are
still picking up a few walleyes below the dam on minnows and shiners. Most of
these fish are in the 2 to 4 pound range. The shopping center lake they are
picking up a few crappies, perch and largemouth bass. Here again minnows and
nightcrawlers have been the best baits. Churchville the crappies and perch under the
bridge have been hitting in good numbers but most of the fish are on the
smaller side. Minnows, shiners, twister tails and small hair jigs have been the
best to Rohm Haas a couple of smaller largemouth bass were caught the
past couple of days on large minnows and rattle traps. If you can snag any of
the gizzard shad in the lake you will find them to be the best bait this time
of the year. Penn Warner for members has still been very good for pickerel,
northern pike, bass, crappies and perch. Here they are using minnows, shiners,
silver buddies, spoons, spinner baits, twister tails and hair jigs. Roosevelt
Lake has been very good for crappies and perch. These fish are hitting small
twister tails and tubes.

\The saltwater action has not changed at all. It is still just when the boats
are going to run off shore for the fish. The sea bass fishing on the 18 hour
trips has been the best. Here they are still picking up all the fish you want
up to 6 pounds. The best fishing has been with clams and cut mackerel. They
are also picking up some cod, ling and mackerel. These fish have been hitting
the clams and also metal. Inshore the blackfishing has still been very good
around the bridges and jetties. Crabs have been the best bait here. They are still
getting some stripers off the beach up at Long Beach Island but the past
couple of weeks it has slowed down a bit. Here the fish have been hitting clams
the best. Down south there are still a few stripers hitting at the rips but most
of these fish are on the small side. They have been hitting clams, bucktails,
metal and shad bodies. I talked to one guys that was fishing at Reeds Beach
and he caught on striper 21 inches on a fresh clam. If you move up some of the
rivers the white perch have been hitting very good on minnows, grass shrimp
and bloodworms if you can find them. We will be at least a month before we start
carrying them.
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