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Default Re: Couple of good videos on scapping...

Originally Posted by bassinbrian View Post
Good post Gun

I have never used a scap net but have seen it done. Having 2 guys (one manning the net and one just luring them in with rod) seems to makes it easier.

That's my tip anyway.

Scapping and dip detting does takes patience and pratice for newbies !!

Every year i have to shake the cob webs the 1st few times out myself.

You're right- two people IS easier. However, it's hard sometimes when you're the "net guy" and the "stoolie guy" stops his retrieve too soon, or when you're the stoolie guy and the net guy lifts too soon! Grrr! Sometimes, it's just easier to do it by myself. Besides, I already have plenty of practice with having an awkwardly long pole between my legs. HeeHee!!
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