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Default Re: HELP!!!! Fishin' the Cape

{steve}" how'd you do that?
{steve}" do what?
{steve} "answer your own question"
{steve}" didn't take long"
{steve}"where did you get all that info?
{steve}" all over, took about an hour or less"
{steve}" what were you looking for?
{steve}" I started out with weather charts"
{steve} " why weather?
{steve}" seemed right, weather ,tides,
{steve}" then lures right!
{steve}" no, then I went to satellite imagery.
{steve} " For what? !!
{steve} "It showed me detail of water formations"
{steve}"Formations of what"?
{steve}" Satellite imagery shows me detailed picstures of what it looks like under the water, like sand bars, channels, rock formations etc..
{steve}" that's sick!!!
{steve}"I'm only going to have a few days to fish,I"m trying to info on what most people wont talk about."
{steve}" like where the fish are and why?
{steve}" exactly, then we look for baitfish and establish patterns"
{steve}"then lures,right!"
{steve}" yes then lures"
{steve}"is that all your gonna bring?
{steve}" 'course not, I MAKE LURES remember, I have something special for this occasion.
{steve}" like what!! I gotta know!
{steve}"Now THAT my friend IS top secret information!!

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