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Default HELP!!!! Fishin' the Cape

After a terrible upper Hudson spring fishing season, I'm finally going to the Cape.
Unfortunately I"ll be in mid-cape missing the canal fishing and Race Point,
I"ll primarily be fishing West Dennis Beach, I'm familiar with this area.
My question, is there anything going on in that area? I"ve been online all over and heard of some Blue being caught. Are there any Stripers being caught in this area? Again, Ive fished this area and have caught many stripers , blues etc.. but not at this time of year. I"ll be going the 26th of June through the 30th , any help would be extremely helpful, and any particular lure selection would help also. Thanks Steve

p.s. I would like to thank god for this blessing of at least 72hours of nothing but fishing 'til I fall into a happy coma on the surf
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