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Default Daiwa Sealine-X HV 50 for party boat/surf duty?

Has anyone out there used the sealine-X SHV 50? Cabella Reel I'll be using it mainly on head boats for stripers and blues diamond jigging and using baid matched with a MH 7 foot ugly stik(20-50#), but would also like to sometimes use it in the surf for chunking. It looks like it's the best option for the price at Cabelas where I just got a certificate. Is this 50 overkill and should i go with the 40 size? Do u think the larger diameter spool of the 50 will cut down on casting distance? I'll probably spool it with 30-40#. I'm going with the HV 4:9:1 ratio over the SHV 6:1:1 ratio since i think that'll probably not have enough cranking power. Also considering the newell 332-5. I'm not sure if it'll cast that well and if it'll do as good in the surf. It doesn't seem to have a sealed drag like the Daiwa (may be wrong).
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