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Default Homemade tracer lathe?

I'm in the process of figuring out the how-to for making a tracer lathe.
For the lathe's drive I'm thinking sewing machine motor with foot switch rigged with a 4.6:1 reduction drive (belted pulley). This should give me a variable speed with 1,000 RPM tops with more torque(?).
The tracer will use a Dremal with rotary rasp & sanding drums for roughing. Probably the tailstock wouldbe a dead center using a pointed fine thread locking screw assembly.
Anyone ever tried this? Will it work? I can't see why not off hand.
Idea started for roughing/finishing cork handles and just evolved into a possible plug makin lathe of sorts.
If anyone has done this,,, some ideas couldbe helpful.

I just like to "Tinker"
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