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Default Re: Cape Cod & The Ditch 6/11-6/14

It was nice meeting both of you guys as well, sorry for the tardy response but I haven't been on since I got back. Point you caught a few nice fish on that big swim shad you were throwing....too bad I couldn't land the one I had on, felt pretty good. BackBayJ you had a couple/few nice fish as well, might have been 'cause you were outcasting everyone by the length of a football field. I would have loved to watch that guy carry that 43.5" pig up those stairs and through the woods but it was great seeing a fish that size. I'll definitely have to hit you guys up again next time I'm down that way, later this summer hopefully. Shoulder is still throbbing, I went out on the boat that Monday and couldn't fish for 3 days after I left the Cape.

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