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Default 2 HABA trip's last week....pretty much identical

2:00 AM.....Started on the inner harbor at the outflow to the Edison in the Mystic River. Fishing in a barrel for me and my son. About thirty fish, mostly blues of the rat variety on 6" bomber long A's both jointed and not. After dark you can throw a jig head by itself and catch fish here. When the LNG is here you can't get near it.

Just before sun up we headed out to the airport and vicinity. Waited for the birds to show us the way. Busting striper at Faun Bar. Same lures got us a 32', 33" and 39. The 39" was by my son on a $6 Storm rod and reel freshwater combo with 20lb power pro and a steel leader. he loves the light tackle.

Second trip we got sick of chasing brids as our lures were not matching the hatch for the bluefish feed so we tried Chelsea Creek. Tossing the bomber long a's into structure and between pylons caught us a dozen stripers less than 28".

Cheers guys!
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