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Do u have fish in it yet??

I want to get an aquarium, but i dont know where do start. My parents use to have a nice one, but i dont know what happened to it. My friends also says he will sell me his for cheap like 80$$ that one is HUGE Though its gotta be atleast 5 feet long. Is that a good deal considering it is in good shape and everything? I also was wandering if i could some how but like a largemouth bass or catfish in it, but i dont know if you can do that. Also what would i need to get for the bottom of the tank and stuff if i put a largemouth bass in it??


O ya an my mom still has like like a fake looking coral thing and a treasure chest that when it opens it bubbles. And other little stuff like a little cave. I dont know if that stuff would be usefull or not anyways.And do they sell largemouth bass at like pet-co or somthing or would i have to get them specially ordered
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