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For bait, I like Clams and Eels. I hook a whole clam (not the shell, just the meat), or hook a live eel. I don't chunk bunker much anymore, but that could be one of the easiest ways to catch one.

For plug, dittios to all of the above. Best for me this year: Storm 4" Wild Eye Shad in Pearl, followed by any other color. FinS 5" Pink rigged with a jighead - size depends on how deep or how far I want to cast. Atom 2oz Striper Swiper Popper in blue/white. Charlie Graves Tin's (hopkins work fine too, I just like Charlie's better).

Fact is, tho, I have the whole shabang in my bag. 4-5-6-7-9" Storm/style shads; 6-9" Sluggos and hooks; 5-9" FinS with hooks and jigs in assorted colors; Poppers (Atom and home made); Danny's (Atom and home made), Pencil Poppers (Yankee, Gibbs); Needlefish (home made); etc, etc.

What I like to do when I fish is try what I think will work first. If no action (and I'm fairly certain there are fish there) I rotate thru my bag until I find what works. There are times when I'd throw a 6" dark Sluggo, get one hit then zip. Switch to Pink FinS, get a few - go back to Sluggo, get a few, go back, etc.

When all else fails, and you see someone catching and you are not, ask them what they are using! That's how I started with the Pink FinS, and that caught me a coolerful this year.
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