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Default Re: late august? stripers in the surf?

Originally Posted by StriperHyper View Post
Any and all the aforementioned baits will def. get ya into fish if they're around. Cut, fresh mackerel (leave that frozen s**t for the tourists), clams and sand/blood worms will all catch ya fish. If fishing at night, which IMO gives ya a much better shot, don't feel like you have to get way out and throw your bait into federal waters. Bass, and yes even very large bass, will come a lot closer to shore at night to pick up an easy meal. If you're chucking eels, throw them out with enough weight to get them to bottom (this will depend on the area/type of water you're fishing) and retrieve them low and slow.
I was always told by the old timers (of which I am becoming one) to ALWAYS try to "match the hatch". Check with local fishermen and bait shops to see which bait is prevalent in the waters you want to fish, at the time you will be fishing with. Any of the baits you mentioned will be good, and some are good at any time you want to fish.
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