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Default Alabamas best Hybrid Lakes

Hybrid bass:

The best - The Lake Neely Henry tailrace is Alabama's top spot for hybrid bass and the rule of thumb is that when the dogwoods bloom, the hybrids will be at the upper end of Lake Logan Martin below Lake Neely Henry Dam in huge numbers. Expect to see the dogwoods start blooming in the next few weeks.
Sassy Shads affixed to lead head jigs will be the top bait in the swift waters below the dam while live shad will work well a little farther downstream.
Runner-up - The Lake Logan Martin tailrace has been a traditional hybrid bass hotspot for more than 20 years. Thanks to the state's stocking of hybrid bass in Lay Lake, the tailrace area remains strong.
Tailrace fishing can be dangerous and the Lake Logan Martin tailrace is more dangerous than most because of rocks and debris below the dam. New fishermen should learn about fishing the area from those with more experience.
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