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Hi everyone,

I am new to the Rockfish/Striper scene and I went to the store the other day and bought some big Smiling Jack/Ruby Lip (10 ounce lead-heads with a chartreuse bucktail) and a couple of Rapala deep divers for trolling. I was just kinda guessing at what to start off with and I'm hoping that I made a couple of good choices.

I will be fishing the Potomac river just below the fall line (near the Colonial Beach area).

So, with the Smiling Jacks, I guess I need to locate an area of feeding stripers and cast into them? Or should I buy an umbrella rig and troll with it (and a few of its friends)? My understanding is that I need to find a big drop-off and since it's summertime, the fish will be in deeper water...20-30 feet?

Does anyone have suggestions that will help me select the appropriate bait or or give me a couple of tips about how to employ these baits so I can catch a couple of Potomac Stripers?

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