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Welcome to the site. A good place to start would be here.
A brief overview of the Brooklyn page, not entirely too much help but some useful information on the gateway national rec area which the pier is part of. The pier is located at belt parkway exit 13. The page has the pier at gps coordinates. Call the Jamaica Bay unit of Gateway for info and whether you need a pass or not. (718) 354-4606 You will need one if you plan to park there. Here is a picture of the park
Pretty cool. The Brooklyn page has the local bait shops and phone numbers, give them a call and see what the local guys are buying for bait and ask where it is hot. Jamaica bay is an estuary and a great place to fish. Use a medium to heavy action 6 to 9 foot rod for the pier with a reel capable of handling at least 300 yards of 20 lb test line. This can vary depending on preference, but the fish out there are fairly big. Use 50 pound 2 to 3 feet of mono leader with 2 to 6 oz wight depending on the current there and a plastic fish finder or egg sinker to slide up and down the standing line. At least a 4/0 hook and fresh bunker, or sand worms for bait and your set. Hope this helps a little. Good luck
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