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I have two, both have seen it all...

The oldest one is about 20 years old, it's a Kershaw, IMHO they make the finest knives in the world.. I have fillet knives used as utility knives on the boat that dont rust and get no special treatment, may a wash in bleach once a month...

I have several Kershaws, but were concerned with the belt knives, it has been dunked, lost in the sand, loaded with fish gusts and put away that way until spring, a wipe with CRC 556 a few swipes on a diamond stone and it is sharp enough to shave with, I bought it off a Snap on tool truck 20 years dont know if they still make the model, it's all stainless with staghorn handle inlays.

the Gerber is only about 5 years old, I bought it at Lowes during a tool promotion, it's titanium and stainless, I use it at work to cut wires, break down boxes, scrape gaskets from parts, it is always on my hip when I fish and gets no special treatment, I use it to cut bait, gut fish and often times it gets passed around the deck, last year it spent the winter in my surf bag after getting drowned in the surf while fish a N'oreaster from the surf, it's up and running with only minor discoloration to the blade, I think it retailed for about 50 bucks..
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