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Default Re: Pulling the Trigger on Triggerfish

I was one of those people that never tried to catch Triggers. I had 1 back in 2007 but can't remember eating it, anyway the other day I went to our local wreck just a few feet off the beach with a diving friend of mine and he shot 3 of those big ones. They didn't want to filet them so they gave them to me. I found that it really wasn't a big deal to filet a Good Sharp Knife did the trick.
When I got home Kat my wife fried them up with a few spices and it was really Good even my 9 year old said Mommy this is the best fish I ever ate. So don't snub your nose at these fish or better yet leave them for me :)

Click Below to see the Video i shot of the Diving and Fish we harvested
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