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Default Re: What knife is on your Waderbelt ??

I had posted on this before, I think in the Pliers or waders thread(maybe not though-do think waders thopough). I had a friend who had passed away who was a knife builder and designed several knives for Spyderco and Benchmade. He is credited for bringing the Tanto style to the US, his name is Bob Lum. He was not a close friend but we spoke many times and always met when he was in NY as the BladeExpo. Right before his passing he had spent much time in Seki Japan, Seki-Cut has a few of his designs. If you ever have a chance to get one of his knives-do it as it is art.
Look for a knife made in Seki Japan as this is where the best knives and steel comes from. Not all knives from there are good but many are and with the NET is not hard to find out. Try this link, I think you will find something that will more than suit your needs. Makers are listed on the left

If Bob was still alive you could of had him make you a knife that you would use the rest of your life then your children could do the same. If you wanted H1 then he would have used it.

H1 is not an uncommon steel as it is used in may applications. There steels that hold an edge much better than H1 but don't have the same corrision properties

Spyderco is using some of the steel from the Myodo Foundry, Before Bob's passing he had been working with Myodo also
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